Before we all leave to Miami Beach for the Art Basel, come party with us one last time at LeBain Wednesday November 30th with some special french guests: Dj C.Real (Chocrock/Warp), Chef, the Neon Rider (Mexico) & Mazurbate.
Party hosted by Trust the Buzz and Simonez Wolf.
Event Here
Nous étions décidément le centre de toutes les attentions ce 4 Novembre dernier lors de l'Internation Sandwich Day. Un report punchy qui retranscrit bien l'ambiance de l'event.
Merci à nos amis Aude et Krizo de From Paris

International Sandwich Day by Trust The Buzz -... par FROMPARISCOLLECTIF
   A short film directed by Tyler & Jack following Jesse Rose for a month around Europe. 
The documentary coincides with the double cd compilation released November 28th 2011.
Tyler & Jack Facebook: facebook.com/tylerandjack
L’équipe de Paris Dernière est venu nous payer une petite visite à l'occasion de l'international Sandwich Day organisé par Trust the Buzz & le Dwichtorialist.


Just discovered this dope photo shoot of A$AP crew by Vice. A$AP Rocky and his crew re-enact classic album covers. Full serie here. Trill!



    La révélation electro-web aux pratiquement 7 Millions de vues a choisis Trust the Buzz pour l'une de ses premières date "Club"; avant d'enchainer avec des représentations dans les différents festivals de cette rentrée.


Un vendredi soir, un beat, un 5D, du forfait et quelques bouteilles...
@flagthename nous livre L'instant Magique N°2 raw Juste pour le sport.
Dédicace à @vrthelegend @JeuneNAI @Elofuckin_Vibes
The Real is on the rise!


Ce soir ça va découper de la rime au Nouveau Casino. Parmi les maitres de céremonies:
A2H & Mr Xavier
Bon Gamin
Cool Connexion
Tony (Puzzle)

Infos Events

Un big up à  MPC prod pour cette belle série de freestyles vidéo



Strem it live here then let the beat control your body!


She's young, super hot, she got flows and attitude and she just might be the next big thing. 
Enter Australian born Iggy Azalea sexy world... Nicki Minaj has serious competition here!

Download ignorant art free at: www.iggyazalea.com


Le clip qui fait référence aux films qui ont marqué les 80's: Retour vers le Futur, Top Gun, Shining, Ghostbuster,Pump Up the Volume, Blues Brothers....

Stuck In The Sound - PURSUIT par stuckinthesound


Hip Hop Legend Heavy D had just made his first public performance in 15 years at this year BET Hip Hop Awards. His swagger was intact and he was still jumping around the scene like he was in his prime. So it's a shock to hear that the actor, rapper, record producer, singer and former leader of Heavy D & the Boyz rap group has passed today in LA.
He's the one who put Pete Rock his cousin on the map as well as Diddy. Indeed Harlem notorious Bad Boy started as a dancer for Heavy D who was then signed to Upown Records. Heavy D glorious time were many. Albums Living Large, Peaceful Journey or Nothing Bu Love were big commercial success. He also was the first rapper to work with Michael Jackson on the track Jam. In 1990 The group got hit by the passing of member Troubled T Roy who will forever enter Hip Hop History with the classic tribute by Pete Rock & CL Smooth "T.R.O.Y." (They reminisce Over You). He's one of the first Hip Hop figure to become successful as an all around performer: MC, Singer, Dancer, Producer and Actor.
The "Overweight Lover" as he was lovingly called helped us found Love.. one thing we gonna do with it for sure is to give him and his legacy a lot back.
Rest in Peace.
Heavy D last interview a couple weeks back. 

George Fitzgerald - Reset by BOILER ROOM
Yo my mate George's been doing his thing for a while now along with his ManMakeMusic crew but it  took me some time to give it a proper ear. The fear of the probability that I was not going to like the music of a friend and that I had to come up with diplomatic ways to say it was just decent stuff is probably the explanation of that. If he had to grow into a great producer It would come back to me anyway right?! Yeah I know I can be a dick.
Even though it didn't really exactly come to my ear yet, after meeting with him again a few weeks back it made me wanna get more into his world. As the result of somehow special circomstances along with fellow Jimaan, we spent the week-end singing Drake stuff and dancing to Zouk and other Sun music along with Senegalese friends. What you need to know is that the guy produces music described as combination of House, Garage and Bass. You've probably understood by now that this guy is a free spirit and I relate to that. So today I got on his Soundcloud page and boom. I feel his music. I bet you will too. This what notorious online electronic magazine Resident Advisor had to say about the man
"Although operating in a grey area between genres is hardly a novelty these days—particularly for a London-based producer—George FitzGerald is one of those pulling off the trick better than most. He's closely associated with Hotflush Recordings—itself a bastion of ambiguity—thanks to a pair of 12-inches that came at bass music from a house and garage starting point. (Or was it the other way around?) FitzGerald built his grounding in the scene as a co-promoter of Man Make Music, the London party that has been showcasing, well, a little bit of everything since its inception back in 2007. The crew behind the event has now begun an offshoot imprint of the same name, with FitzGerald helming its maiden release, Fernweh / Hearts, which coincidently hits record shops next week." (Source: RA)
Trust The Buzz
Ofive, la chaîne qui décidément semble avoir cerné un peu mieux que ses concurrents ce que les jeunes veulent aujourd'hui, a eu l'excéllente idée de s'associer avec celui qui fait rire tout le milieux chanceux qui déjà pu le voir ou l'entendre parodier le monde du Hip Hop, de la rue et du show biz, j'ai nommé Willaxxx. Une saison de mini-série en perspective ou tout le monde va en prendre pour son grade. La réal est assurée par le poto Samy La famille.


"undun is an existential re-telling of the short life of one Redford Stephens (1974-1999). Through the use of emotives and Redford’s internal dialogues the album seeks to illustrate the intersection of free will and prescribed destiny as it plays out ‘on the corner’. Utilizing a reverse narrative arc, the album begins as the listener finds Redford disoriented–postmortem–and attempting to make sense of his former life. As he moves through its pivotal moments he begins to deconstruct all that has led to his (and our own) coming undun."


 Since I posted about this MC from Harlem months ago he signed a 3 millions $ record deal, enrolled with Drake on a national tour and has the all industry talking about him. And that is barely of two tracks! Big expectations for A$AP Rocky but the kid don't seem impressed and remains cool as a fan, just making his musicHis first mixtape LiveLoveA$AP is out now. Go get it
Download link1
Dowload link2
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